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Modern Calligraphy and Brush Lettering for Bespoke Projects, Workshops, Events, Weddings, and Social Media.


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The Brand

The Artsynibs story is one that holds fast to our roots and looks ahead in great anticipation. As we tango with an ever-changing landscape, we sojourn through the twenty-first century in hopes of retaining the beauty of calligraphy in our works. The modern day scribe, you may say.

Thank you so much again for such an enjoyable workshop. Excellent (and very patient!) teaching, great venue, brilliant and helpful pack to take away, and tasty food! I couldn't believe how much I learned over the three hour session, going from a complete beginner, to being able to write something that looked rather pretty! I've got a lot of practice to do, and I'll be keeping an eye out for future sessions.
Clare Pearson
"I’m by no means ready to start whipping up calligraphy quotes to hang on my wall, but it was a great introduction to the art of calligraphy and I feel well equipped to start practicing by myself now. A huge thank you to Joyce, who taught us all so well and made us feel one step closer to mastering calligraphy."
Sarah Thain
The class started with some basics, what the brush pens look like and how modern lives have made writing more of a fast paced race, than an artistic hobby. Admittedly I have an obsession with fountain pens (I love my Mont Blanc) so thought I would be ok, but it turns out brush calligraphy is something else! We went over drills, practising strokes, letters and eventually words. It was all about breaking the letters down into the parts that make them up, this makes it easier to get that artistic flare.
Emma Pond


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