#WIP – Post Shopping at Paperchase


There’s this thing about Paperchase. It draws you in like bees to flowers. You come out with a bag of whatnots and proceed to create something, hopefully.

My love for art supplies runs deeper than for stationery. So it’s always a case of me buying more than I need. Quite frankly, a part of me feels guilty for not utilising all my materials.


Determined not to let the tools go unused, I decided to put together an art piece with the pens I already have and a discounted canvas board from Paperchase.


Now, here’s a quick tip on planning your artwork. Most canvases come wrapped in a plastic film. What I did was use a chalk marker, I’m using a Uniball Chalk Pen, and create the draft piece first. Because it can be easily erased off with a napkin or wet towel, I take my time to work out the overall placement of the words.


I find that trying to erase off pencil marks on canvas surfaces can cause slight staining, especially if you’re working on a white background. So, planning your piece with the plastic film intact could be an alternative to explore.


Once I was satisfied with the draft, I took a photo of it with my phone and proceed to lightly sketch over the canvas board with a HB pencil. Here, I used a Kaweco Clutch Sketch Pencil. Knowing that I was going to use a brush for my lettering, I could afford to not erase off the pencil marks since the ink was going to cover it eventually.


The planning is usually the bulk of the process and when I’m done with that, it’s pretty easy from there on. With a Pentel Aquash water brush and Dr Ph Martin’s bleed-proof white ink, I created the piece, giving the lettering multiple coats to achieve that bright opaque white look.


Another tip that I’d like to reiterate from my Instagram post – leave the stems to the last to give yourself some leeway for flourishing. Here, I left the ‘r’, ‘f’, and ‘s’ out till the end. Especially with the ‘r’, I needed to know the amount of space I have in between it and ‘never’ before I could flourish without making that area look too crammed.

And there you have it! Apart from the canvas board, I have every other tool I needed for this art piece. In fact, when I think about it, I’m sure you can find almost all the supplies at Paperchase.

As much as I wish, this post isn’t sponsored by Paperchase. I just thought to write about how we can make better use of the things we (constantly) buy from our favourite stationery paradise!

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  1. That is beyond beautiful, you are so talented! I love visiting paperchase and pretty much always come out with a bag full of stuff!

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