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One of the few things I love about being in the UK is the ability to travel within the country for holidays. Coming from a tiny island nation, I’ve never really had the joy of taking a road trip within the country that’s more than 45 minutes – unless I get lost amongst the new roads in Punggol (a newly developed area in Singapore).


Since S has recently graduated and my in-laws are up for his graduation, we decided that it’d be nice to spend some time exploring the UK in the summer months instead of flying off to Europe. And I must say, I loved it!


S knows how much I love Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit in particular, and he’s decided on the Lake District for our first summer road trip!

We got ourselves a wonderful room at Bleinheim Lodge in Bowness-on-Windermere via Airbnb – the only way we travel.


Although it was raining all day when we arrived at the lakes, we found comfort in exploring Bowness-on-Windermere and the neighbouring towns – Windermere and Ambleside. Soaking up the quintessential “British summer”, we hopped from shop to shop, stopped for a coffee break and then more traipsing around town.

A few places I thought to bring up though-

1. Waterhead Coffee Shop


Heavy coffee drinkers like S & I star coffeeshops on our google maps whenever we travel. And this joint didn’t disappoint. Serving coffee roasted by Atkinsons, Waterhead Coffee Shop was right up our street with their dark and nutty brew. And that scone with fresh cream and rum butter. RUM BUTTER. ‘Nuff said.


2. Eagle & Child Inn

A 15 minutes drive from where we stayed, this inn serves up quality fusion pub food. I haven’t got any photos of this place because I was in glutton mode, but our Moroccan Lamb on Cous Cous and Grilled Trout on Risotto are definitely worth a shout. Thank God we made a reservation ahead of time! Boy it was packed!


3. Holehird Garden


Home to the Lakeland Horticultural Society, this garden boasts a wide selection of flowers and plants. We found ourselves in this well manicured garden after lunch and it was definitely the perfect place to walk off the carbs! I wasn’t very keen on visiting at first but it was such a pleasant surprise. Imagine strolling past a patch of dessert flowers and greeted by an unexpected fragrance.


I’d very much love to head back to the Lake District again when the sun’s out. The next time, we’ll spend more time on the nature trails.

However, the very one thing that’ll be holding us back from visiting is the drive. Whilst the winding terrain was a breath of fresh for us, the novelty was soon replaced by stress. The sharp turns and lack of roadside mirrors got us, urban drivers, on edge. It wasn’t the length of our drive that wore us out. Instead, it was the stress!


I’ll be blogging about the second part of our road trip soon. This time, we’re headed down south!

Have you been to the Lake District? Let me know if you’ve got any amazing recommendations I ought to visit the next time!

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  1. It looks lovely- I’m an absolute fan of The Lake District, who needs a break to another country when ours is this beautiful!

    Glad you had a lovely time


  2. Omg this place looks so pretty what a great post!

  3. The Lakes is completely different when the sun is out but even when it rains, there’s quite very soothing about the place that I actually really enjoy. 🙂

    Oliver x

    • I can imagine how beautiful it is when the sun’s out. It’s a lot quieter and tranquil than the south. But it’s a place you should go in the height of summer. It was too cold when I was there.

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