In honour of SG50 – Free Shipping!

I’ve never considered myself to be a patriotic person, but it seems like moving abroad has made me realise how much I actually love my country. And in 2015, this little red dot I call home is celebrating her jubilee come August. With that, ArtsyNibs would like to join in the festivity too!

With all the snail mails I’ve been sending out to my friends and family back home, I know the financial pinch when my fellow Singaporeans purchase from ArtysNibs. Frankly, shipping isn’t cheap!

So in view of SG50, I’m rolling out a new shipping plan that can save us all a whole lot of heart and pocket aches! Instead of paying a hefty £3.50 per 100g for shipping, all buyers from Singapore will only be required to bear a minimal international shipping cost of £1 plus the cost of local Singpost postage, either standard or registered, per order.

Here’s how it works:

1. An announcement will be made to inform you that I’ll be taking orders. A deadline for it will be given. 
2. Head over to my Etsy store via the SHOP tab (or contact me for customised orders) to make your purchase.
3. Orders will be shipped out 3 days after the deadline.
4. You’ll receive your order approximate 3.5 weeks after the announcement is made. 

For example, say if I open a mass order on 1 July, I’ll be taking orders until a specific date – 12 July. As long as you make your purchase and payment before the deadline, you’ll receive your order latest by 24 July.

I hope this hasn’t been too confusing, but comment or drop me an enquiry if you require further clarification. And be sure to follow my Instagram or Facebook profile for more updates on the very first mass order!

1. This promotion is limited to products sized A4 and smaller – Essentially everything on my ETSY store. Anything larger than A4 will require extra shipping charges. 
2. Local Singpost postage will vary depending on whether you choose Standard or Registered mail. Options are available before checking out. 

Till then,
x J

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