CROSS Gift Wrap Challenge


Christmas is round the corner and it’s probably time I do up a Christmas wish list like I did last year.

But before we get down to that, Cross has recently put together a Gift Wrap Challenge and I couldn’t pass up on it! Personally, I find that in the busyness of our daily lives, finding a meaningful gift is tough. For one, you need to actually think about the gift! Two, finding and presenting it in the best way possible takes time. And we all know time is a rare commodity these days.


In my line of work, I’m constantly challenging people to write more. Slow down, enjoy the that extra minute or two spent on penning down your thoughts. Ever since I got into fountain pens, I’ve found myself writing more. I suppose it’s my way of ensuring that I do the pen justice.


Pens are the perfect gift for people you aren’t sure what to get for the season. Seriously. Sure we talk about how people tend to type more than write but if you really think about it – Will writing ever go obsolete? I honestly doubt so.

Now apart from this CROSS Calais Gift Set, I love the brand for their Star Wars series that isn’t featured here (go check it out on their website). The most common worry that people have about investing in pens is possibly ruining it. But what if I told you there’s a lifetime warranty for these? I suppose this does offer some form of assurance to use these pens as how you would any other, I hope?


Invest in a decent pen and it’s sure to come well packaged in a beautiful box. But me being me, I like to add a little bit of myself into the gifts I give. It was no surprise that I DIY-ed the gift wrap and card as well. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 Piece of plain white tissue paper (Paperchase)
  • 2 Strings of ribbon in taupe (Paperchase)
  • 1 Brush or brush pen
  • Black ink
  • Tape / washi tape


I picked out my favourite Christmas carol and lettered the lyrics onto the white tissue paper. For a gift this size, I only used half a sheet of the paper so I have a spare sheet of gift wrap now. As for the colour palette, I went with – White, Black, Bronze, Taupe.


With 8 weeks left to Christmas, I guess it’s time we hustled to get our lists sorted out and start planning our cards.

Happy Christmas shopping!

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(This is a sponsored article but opinions are solely mine)


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