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Whenever I embark on a branding project, I begin with getting to know the owners. After all, a logo or any collateral created has to reflect the brand’s heartbeat.


When Nelson, one of the masterminds behind Viet Shack, contacted me through the wonderful world of Twitter, he wanted someone to materialise this new idea brewing in his mind. A logo for what will eventually be Simone’s, a bakery that will make the hearts of the health conscious flutter.

It’s another step forward in Manchester’s food scene for him, this time inspired by his capable wife, Simone.


At our first meeting, I could immediately tell that Nelson was a family man. Proud of family and the team he has backing him at Viet Shack.

It’s the intangible things that I like to pick up when I’m working out a logo for a new brand. And it wasn’t difficult to tell that Simone’s is to be a very family friendly new establishment that exudes a homely vibe. Of course, from what I remember, the guy did mention most of these in the brief. It helps when I get clear instructions.

simone's copy

I wanted something clean for the brand. Something relatable, nothing too fanciful but packs a little surprise. Just like the beautiful desserts that Simone and executive baker, Carissa, create. I first hand-lettered a few versions of ‘Simone’s‘ in various scripts and after a few drafts, we settled on this. Then, I had it digitised to clean up the edges and added in the tagline in gold.

A3 Simone's Final Gold copy

With the handwritten works, they weren’t my usual flourished calligraphy. Instead, more modern, less cursive and simpler. Hopefully, as Instagram worthy as the cakes. I’m going to say this once more, the SMEG fridge’s my most expensive canvas so far.

Given the amount of heart that was put into conceptualising the shop, it’s no wonder Simone’s has been such a hit in its first two days of business. Mainly helmed by Simone and Pete, I’m glad the bakery has a team of dedicated individuals who’s been working tirelessly to serve the hungry crowd in Manchester.

My favourite – the Green Tea Brownies.


As a fellow purveyor of good food, Simone’s is the place to be for some sweet indulgence and definitely some nice Instagram shots – Have you seen their SMEG and that marble table top??!


Find Simone’s at the Arndale Food Market, and look out for that green carpet grass.

If you’re looking to create something for your brand/business, drop us an email at hello@artsynibs.com to arrange a consultation!

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  1. Ahh!! It is such a good logo and you have lovely penmanship. I need to sign up to one of your workshops when I have a free moment!

  2. So excited with this lead! I recently joined Weight Watchers and while I absolutely love it, I do miss cakes! Can’t wait to try out Simone’s – it sounds like exactly what I’ve been looking for! Xx

  3. Wow, I definitely need to visit – everything looks delicious!

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