3 Things I Must Have In My Fridge


Apart from my love for coffee and calligraphy, I’m a softie for good food. This is why my yearly trips back to Singapore guarantees a nagging feeling of being bloated and a few extra kilos. I really am a glutton.

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#WIP – 4 Tips on Managing Instagram


Since the beginning of Artsynibs, Instagram has always been my go-to platform to showcase my work as a portfolio. It’s been slightly more than a year now and I’ve experienced a fair bit of ups & downs as I tried to figure out the best way to use it effectively. ...

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The Flip Side


At my university convocation 6 years ago (revealing my age here…), the dream was to one day work for myself. I knew education was where I wanted to start my career, and eventually own a slice of the pie, even if it was a small piece. Looking at my family, ...

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