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Some time ago, I decided to explore the world of Italic when Manuscript sent me their calligraphy pens.

This time, Manuscript has made a groundbreaking development with their recently launched product – the StyluScript and CalliCreative App. Just as well since quite frankly, with work piling up and practice time dwindling, I’m not the most diligent with studying a this new script. After all, I’m still not quite done with my Spencerian study yet.



The StyluScript Pen

Let’s just say it’s an upgrade from the original Beginner’s Calligraphy Fountain Pen Set that comes with 3 nibs which you can swap around. Similarly, this set come with 3 nibs (Fine, Medium and 2B) plus a stylus tip on the other end of the pen. The pen comes in a range of metallic colours, rather different from their original black.


As a someone who’s trying to make calligraphy relevant to people on a daily basis, I applaud Manuscript for trying to strike a balance between the old and the new.


The CalliCreative App

First things first, this app is free!

Secondly, What I love about this is how easy it is for me to continue my calligraphy practice when I’m out and about in Manchester. The quick guide on the left panel introduces some basic terms and concepts, the same thing I do for my workshops. This allows total beginners to know what to look out for, where to draw their stokes and how to proportion the alphabets.


Boasting a number of different guides, I’m able to select exemplars to trace over. My favourite exemplars are the ones with guides. Since the Italic hand is rather different from my modern script, I’ve found that the guides have helped me immensely. Different is an understatement actually.


While you can use the app without the stylus pen, I find that writing with it gives me a better sense of how my grip should be. My only gripe is that I wish I could expand and shrink the canvas.


I can see how this product is intended to make calligraphy more accessible and less daunting for complete beginners. With non-calligraphy sections like Draw/Colour and Freehand, it creates a less rigid environment for users to explore the Italic and Gothic scripts (yes, I forgot to mention that it’s included as well!). Once confident enough, you can swap over to use the actual pen on paper to further your practice.


If you’re looking at exploring the Italic and/or Gothic script, this is the place to look. You get a pen, a stylus and an app. How comprehensive can you get?

You can purchase this 3 nib set on Manuscript’s website, download the app and you’re ready to go! Happy writing!

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(This is a sponsored post but opinions are solely mine)

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