3 Things I Must Have In My Fridge

Apart from my love for coffee and calligraphy, I’m a softie for good food. This is why my yearly trips back to Singapore guarantees a nagging feeling of being bloated and a few extra kilos. I really am a glutton.


Having been living in Manchester for 2 years, I do miss the taste of home. Marina Bay Sands aside, we’re definitely known for our good food. So just for fun, I thought to put together a list of 3 must-haves in my fridge. I guess this is my way of coping with not being able to run across the street to get my S$2.50 chicken rice. We’ve got 24-hour eateries dotted around the island for gluttons like me!


1. Kaya


If the fridge ever runs out of Kaya, we declare it a state of emergency. It’s one of those things that makes the apartment home to us.

I’d say it’s a sweet green jam, green because of the fragrant leaves it’s cooked with. Like how we have breakfast butties here in Manchester, a slice of Singapore is kaya on toast for breakfast. Pair it with a cup of red milk tea and soft boiled eggs. Up the heating and when I start perspiring whilst having breakfast, it feels like Singapore.

We’ve tried a few brands but Ya Kun Kaya is my top pick whilst S prefers Killiney.


2. Sambal Chilli


This is not just any other chilli. It’ll a blend of chilli, shrimp paste and other goodness I don’t even know about. We were really excited to find Yeo’s sambal chilli at the Chinese supermarket here. But shame on you Yeo’s, your sambal leaves much to be desired.

In light of our disappointing experience with any sambal chilli we’ve found here, we’ve now resorted to bribing our friends to bring over regular supplies of this spicy goodness. Yes, the few of you, I’m looking at you.

Because of its sharp and pungent smell, I’ve yet to overcome the fear of frying shrimp paste in my apartment lest my neighbours complain. Or maybe I should just….?


3. Oyster Sauce


Growing up, I’ve watched my mum put oyster sauce into pretty much everything. And well, it tasted good. So I guess this is one thing I associate with a Singaporean kitchen. Plus we get this LKK oyster sauce in Singapore too.


4. Milo

[credit: www.fairprice.com.sg]
I know this doesn’t go into the fridge but come on, I can’t leave this out. Just like kaya, if it ever runs out, I’d feel like my home’s not mine anymore. We’re very particular about the formula of our Milo powder – we only get the one that says ‘Australian recipe’.

It’s one of those little pieces of home you put around the house to make it more Singaporean.



I’d love to rant on more about what I have in my fridge, but writing this is making me hungry. The tummy requires special attention now! So what are some of your refrigerator must-haves?

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  1. Haha, I grew up with oyster sauce too, but I grew up in a Cantonese/Hong Kong style kitchen. I personally cannot live without Shaoxing wine, sesame oil and soy sauce. They make the most beautiful marinades <3

    • yay!! My mum’s cooking is very Cantonese influenced as well. Ahhh…. Shaoxing wine. That’s one thing I’ve been missing, I ought to get one. I’ve replaced it with white wine ever since we got here and it doesn’t give as good a flavour. I for one, am super particular about the soy sauce I use. Do you get picky with brands too?

      • With some things, yes. I usually get Taijade Shaoxing wine and as of late I’ve been getting Kikkoman’s soy sauce in the huge bottle since I use a lot for salad dressings or cooking in general. With Mid Autumn festival coming up, I usually buy Mei Sum moon cakes, although Wong Wong’s own brand isn’t bad if you just want one to yourself rather than the 4 you get in most tins.

        • I’ll look out for that brand of shaoxing wine and I can’t live without Kikkoman! It’s like emergency if we run out of it. Ohhh that you for the recommendation on moon cakes!! I love those with the salted egg yolk inside. I have a feeling my mother-in-law is gonna mail some over to us from Singapore. haha!!

          • Haha, family are like that. My dad bought us some snowy mooncake this year instead of the traditional ones!

          • HAHA IKR, so I can’t wait for my supply of mooncakes to come in!! oooo snow skin mooncakes. I never really liked them though because it’s quite sweet.

  2. I haven’t tried any of these apart from the oyster sauce. It’s great that you’ve got mates who can keep you stocked up!

    • You should! Sometimes I find that it’s a little daunting to try new ingredients but it helps when I’ve got friends recommending them. And I just saw your reply on Instagram!!

  3. What a delightful post! I’m a massive foodie, so hearing about your Singaporian fridge must haves was fascinating. My fridge must haves aren’t as exotic as yours – sparkling water and nutella will do me.

    • We’re a foodie family so we enjoy cooking a lot. Nutella is one of those must-haves! I’m a little torn between that and the Ovalmatine spread.

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