Monthly Archives: October 2015

(Faux) Calligraphy with Markers


Now I know that unless you’re extremely passionate about taking up calligraphy or have done your research well, you probably wouldn’t invest a huge sum of money in an entire calligraphy set up. But what you don’t know is this – Calligraphy can be done with any writing tool. 

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It’s All About the Brush!


If I had to look into my pencil case, I’d actually find more brush pens than nibs. The versatility and “handiness” of brush pens make them great options if you’re exploring calligraphy. Brush calligraphy, being closely tied to hand-lettering, seems to make calligraphy more relatable and easier if I may ...

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The Flip Side


At my university convocation 6 years ago (revealing my age here…), the dream was to one day work for myself. I knew education was where I wanted to start my career, and eventually own a slice of the pie, even if it was a small piece. Looking at my family, ...

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Send a Christmas Card!


Without a doubt, Christmas is my favourite season of the year. For some reason, people tend to be jollier in December. Don’t you think? About a month ago, I posted a few photos of some Christmas related quotes on Instagram. These quotes were handwritten in modern calligraphy script with Finetec ink. I settled on prints ...

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Paint Brushes for Calligraphy


Over the past few months, I’ve bought a couple of paint brushes to achieve that super fine line in certain calligraphy projects. However, having no prior (formal) knowledge of painting whatsoever, price is my only defining factor – I go for the cheapest. Obviously this hasn’t worked out well for me ...

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Confessions of a Paper Snob


Apart from being a coffee snob, my friends call me a paper snob. Well, how can you not be if you’re a calligraphy enthusiast? Whether it is for practice or any form of correspondence, using the right paper is imperative to extending the life of your equipment. This is especially ...

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Inky Business


As most of you would’ve already known – my first foray into calligraphy began with fountain pens (Read more HERE). My husband’s an avid collector of vintage fountain pens and has a massive collection of inks that would flutter the hearts of stationery hoarders. With that, it’s inevitable that my initial ...

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