Monthly Archives: June 2015

Getting started


 If I have to put a number to it, I’m probably 1.5 years into my calligraphy journey. And along the way, I’ve received a number of queries on how to get started on this calligraventure. Before I get into that, I must say that I’m extremely fortunate to have a ...

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In honour of SG50 – Free Shipping!


I’ve never considered myself to be a patriotic person, but it seems like moving abroad has made me realise how much I actually love my country. And in 2015, this little red dot I call home is celebrating her jubilee come August. With that, ArtsyNibs would like to join in ...

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The Creation


    The creation of ArtsyNibs is rather uninteresting. It wasn’t much of a groundbreaking eureka moment, but more a – I need to make better use of my time – instance. I mean, coming from an extremely hectic lifestyle, living in Manchester has given me so much free time! It’s also never dawned ...

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Hello You!

Hello You C

   I’m glad you’ve someone managed to stumble upon my website, as well as Artsynibs’. If you haven’t already hit the ‘About Me’ page, hi, I’m Joyce. And this is where I’ll share my Artsynibs and hand-lettering journey. Once in a while, I might just throw in little snippets of ...

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